We are here for you - your team at Amandro Ayurveda Health Resorts

Our team and its tasks

Everyone in the team has specific tasks and responsibilities. Since we have a family structure, everyone can take over another's area if needed. So we are able to give always the best for our guests.

Front row, right:

Lahiru Haduwa

Director and Founder


Lahiru Haduwa is at your disposal for any questions around the clock. He accompanies you during the first consultation with the doctor (English-speaking), if you need a translation or if there is linguistic security. He also gladly advises you on all questions about Buddhism.

Rear row, middle:

Dr. Madusha Harshani de Silva Ayurveda Resident Doctor 


Madusha is our family doctor and coordinates all appointments related to your treatment. She accompanies our guests through the Ayurveda treatment and is available for all questions regarding your treatment. She has completed her training as an Ayurveda doctor for a year and is currently working as an assistant doctor with our chief physician Dr. med. Vimukthi de Zoysa.

Tharaka Lakshan

Resort supervisor and accountant


As a supervisor, Tharaka is responsible for the entire resort. He controls both the hotel area with restaurant, rooms and reception and the Ayurveda area with the garden. He is also an accountant and receptionist. If you have any questions about your stay, excursions, etc., please contact him. Even if you want a tuk tuk, he will organize it for you.

Suranga Silva



Suranga is the waiter for your supply and ensures the cleanliness and order in the gastronomic area.

Front row, left:

Birgit Spangenberg

Co-founder and travel organizer for Germany


Birgit Spangenberg is available for all questions before departure. If you want an offer or want to book directly, you can contact her. For questions about the cure program, as well as preparations for the cure, questions about visa or vaccinations, contact her.

Back row, 1st from left:

Buddhika Silva

Chef cook and restaurant coordinator 


Buddhika is a true wonder for our resort with its fine cooking. The combination of spices and different types of vegetables is the purest palate feast. He also takes care of the restaurant area.

Gamini De Silva

Driver and tour guide


Gamini will take you from the airport to the resort and back again. In addition to these transfers, he likes to take you on one- or multi-day trips and round trips.

Sunitha de Silva

Tailor and part-time cook


Sunitha works as a chef at the resort if necessary. Her cooking skills are well-liked and wellknown, because she cooked the resort by the end of 2018 alone.

As a seamstress, Sunitha produces an individual, tailor-made collection for you.

Sunil Silva



Sunil is our gardener responsible for the cleanliness of the garden. He cares for and cherishes the plants with his "green thumb" hands and makes sure that you will see a variety of flowers everywhere.

Back row, 1st from right:

Nandana Silva (Nandi)



As a caretaker, Nandi takes care of the cleanliness and order throughout the resort and especially in your rooms. He also takes care of the outdoor pool.

Rear row, 2nd from left:

Inoka Silva


Ayurevda therapist and beautician

Inoka is Ayurveda therapist and cares with her fine hands for good relaxation. She also works as a beautician at the resort.

Chaminda Silva (Chami)

Driver and tour guide


Chami will do with you the free trips included in the cure. In addition, he is just like Gamini for more one- or multi-day trips and round trips available. He will gladly advise you about the excursions and also take over the appropriate organization.

Our Spiritual Patron: 

Chandawimala Thero


Chandawimala Thero,

Buddhist monk

Born: 08/05/1976

Ordained: 17/05/1985 in Berwuala

Sri Lanka

Temple: Gangarama - Old

Temple, Moragalla,


Rear row, 2nd from right:

Thilina Silva (Thila)

Ayurvedic Head Therapist


Thilina is our Ayurvedic Chief Therapist. He is one of the best and most qualified Ayurveda Pancha Karma therapists. 

Dr. Vimukthi de Zoysa

Chief Doctor and general manager of the resort


Dr. Vimukthi is the Head physician at the resort. He performs the initial and subsequent consultations on the Classic Pancha Karma Cure and Individual Healing Treatments. He compiles the course of cure and the individual recipes of medicine.

His Career:

B.A.M.S.(Hon’s) University of Kelaniya. Sri Lanka. 

B.A.M.S. (Hon's) University of Kelaniya. Sri Lanka.

(B.A.M.S. = Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery)

Specialist for Traditional Boils, Ulcer and Cancer treatments.

Registered Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner (R.Ay.M.P) of

Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medical Council (SLAMC)

SLAMC Reg: No's: -

14063 (General)

9540 (special)

M.Ac.F (SL). Member of Acupuncture Foundation. Sri Lanka.

M.Ac.F Reg: 10200717 (SL)

Specially trained for First Aid and Emergency Management from St. John Ambulance Association of Sri Lanka.

Reg: 57851

Specially trained for Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy, Ayurvedic beauty care and Ayurvedic stress management.