There is a special reason you found us!

We, Lahiru from Sri Lanka and Birgit (Amandro) from Germany founded the Amandro Resort and we warmly welcome you here today. We invite you to learn more about our beautiful resort, how it was created, developed and what makes it special!

About 10 years ago met Birgit and Lahiru in Sri Lanka. A fateful encounter that resulted in a great love that brought us together and made this wonderful project possible.

Birgit originally came to Sri Lanka because of a grief process to recharge and regenerate with an Ayurveda cure holiday. She met Lahiru for the first time three days before her departure. Lahiru, a Sinhala Buddhist man, was working as a tour guide at the time. They both experienced the meeting as an unforgettable moment that did not just let them part like that. Another meeting followed and they kept in touch by phone and Skype. Because of the age and cultural differences, a future together seemed impossible at first.


Despite all the difficulties, both felt that it was not a normal encounter. They had the feeling that they would have known each other beforehand. After some spiritual processes it turned out that the meeting was of a karmic nature and led for the development of both in spiritual and spiritual terms.


For Lahiru, the encounter with Birgit, who has been working as a naturopath in Germany for more than 25 years, opened a new window in his life. He began to deal with medical and therapeutic aspects. This quickly resulted in him leaving his job as a tour guide in order to turn to the oldest Indian healing method, Ayurveda. In this area he completed his training as a certified Pancha Karma therapist and in this way immersed himself in the philosophy of Ayurveda. During this time in Lahiru the awareness of the "teaching of Buddha" increased, which has accompanied him from childhood, but now appeared in a new light in connection with Ayurveda teaching. This enables a way to satisfaction through Ayurveda and the teachings of the Buddha!

Birgit, as a naturopath and Lahiru as Ayurveda therapist and Buddhist meditation leader, developed the vision of building a small but exclusive Ayurveda hotel to support people not only in their physical and mental but also in their spiritual healing process.

A plot of land was found quickly. A wild place with mangroves where many animals and birds live. The land was worked piece by piece with a lot of effort and tons of earth. Finally they could lay out the pool and build the first house. You have consistently implemented your vision and are now offering exclusive, large rooms with the appropriate equipment. The completion in 2015 was followed by the opening in 2016. Since then, they have welcomed guests from all over the German-speaking area and neighboring countries.












Lahiru Haduwa

Director and Founder


Dear guest,

The teaching of Ayurveda is one of the oldest natural healing methods in the world and is practiced in a few specific countries, e.g. in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


In order to be healthy, it is very important not only to let the body heal, but also to take care of the mind. When the mind is weak or sick, the body cannot really be healthy to be enjoyed or used, like a beautiful car with a broken engine.


In my experience, it is important that during an Ayurveda cure, during which you are treated with medicine, nutrition and massages, you learn something about the background and philosophy of Ayurveda and, above all, about the teachings of the Buddha. This allows you to get to know yourself, your body and its function as well as your mental parts, such as thought patterns.


Our life is like a pair of scales: if one side has too much load, the other side leans down. It is the same with our physical and mental health. Both sides should be in balance. With us you have the opportunity to achieve this goal with the Ayurveda cure during your wonderful vacation. We will show you how you can permanently maintain the balance you have gained!



















Birgit Spangenberg

Co-founder and travel organizer for Germany


Dear guests,

Based on my own experience, I recommend that you plan enough time for yourself alongside and during an Ayurveda cure. You can use this time for seclusion with yourself, but also and especially to get to know the beautiful country in which you are staying.


The beautiful palm beaches, the sea and the wonderful sun are unforgettable. This should not be neglected during your stay. Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country with a lot of culture and history, in which there is a lot to discover. You can use the time during and after your cure to look around the country. The open atmosphere of our family-run resort offers you the support you need for guided or individually organized discovery excursions.


We have created an exclusive hotel in which you can not only take an authentic Ayurveda cure with a holiday feeling, but also recharge your batteries through meditation and silence. For this we have a special place in the resort with a Bodhi tree and Buddha statue. Feel for yourself the charisma of this special place, which enables you to work on your inner issues and problems in the protected space and, if necessary, to solve them.


I would be very happy if you found your way to our wonderful resort!




Your Team at Amandro Resort





Nandana (Nandi)



As a caretaker, Nandi takes care of the cleanliness and order throughout the resort and especially in your rooms. He also takes care of the outdoor pool.






Thilina Silva (Thila)

Ayurvedic Head Therapist


Thilina is our Ayurvedic Chief Therapist. He is one of the best and most qualified Ayurveda Pancha Karma therapists. In addition to his sensitive massages he is also supervisor for the resort.

From the middle, 4. left:

Nilmini Manik,

Ayurveda Therapist


Nilmini is Ayurveda therapist and ensures deep and good relaxation with her fine hands. Her empathy and feeling take care that even the deep tensions are released.






Aruni Harshani de Silva,



Aruni works as a receptionist and for accounting. If you have any questions about your stay, excursions, etc., please contact her. Even if you want a tuk tuk, she will organize it for you.






Sunitha de Silva

Tailor and part-time cook


Sunitha works as a chef at the resort if necessary. Her cooking skills are well-liked and wellknown, because she cooked the resort by the end of 2018 alone.

As a seamstress, Sunitha produces an individual, tailor-made collection for you.







Suranga Silva

Chef cook and restaurant coordinator 


Suranga is a true wonder for our resort with its fine cooking. The combination of spices and different types of vegetables is the purest palate feast. He also takes care of the restaurant area.





Gamini De Silva

Driver and tour guide


Gamini will take you from the airport to the resort and back again. In addition to these transfers, he likes to take you on one- or multi-day trips and round trips.

without picture:

Chaminda Silva (Chami)

Driver and tour guide


Chami will do with you the free trips included in the cure. In addition, he is just like Gamini for more one- or multi-day trips and round trips available. He will gladly advise you about the excursions and also take over the appropriate organization.

Our task

Accompanying people through phases of illness on the mental, physical and / or mental level. Through Ayurveda and the teachings of the Buddha, we help people reflect on their way of life. In this way we open the view to possibilities, ways and potentials, which serve for the restoration of the health. Prerequisite for this is your openness and curiosity. Our team will always support you with its methods and instructions.

The special – unique

Why choose an Ayurveda cure at the Amandro Resort?

Good communication between doctor and guest is essential for the success of an Ayurveda cure. Our doctor speaks German and Englich very well and accompanies you with great empathy through the cure with the various therapies and explains the nutritional recommendations. In this way, we ensure that your needs are taken into account and that the best possible success is guaranteed through the understanding of the medical consultations and therapeutic support.

Our Aim

The aim of the resort is, to help people suffering from non-communicable diseases with Ayurveda therapy to promote their personal healing process. In summary, this means restoring health to the body and mind, as well as accompanying mental or karmic (Karma) illnesses such as: Depression, burnout, cancer, etc.

Dr. Madusha, Ayurveda doctor at the Amandro Resort:


"She is like the sun for the vacation!" (Quote from a guest)


Dr. Madusha is familiar with the conditions of the culture through several trips to Germany and speaks German very well. She supports you in all areas during the course of treatment. This means that the doctor's talks can be conducted in German or in English. She is at your side with all her knowledge and experience for the duration of your stay.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to use our personal advisory service. We speak German and English very well.