The Ayurveda - Classic Cure (Pancha Karma)


The classic cure is for guests who are stressed or exhausted in their everyday life. Feel like you want to recharge your batteries the duration
of the cure should be minimal. 10 days - better would be 2-3 or even 4 weeks - amount. This cure is used for guests suffering from insomnia,
migraine, general weakness, digestive problems, fatigue, overweight, high blood pressure or a beginning burnout suffers.

Special herbal formulas helps you during the Pancha-Karma-Cure to go through the processes  of cleansing and thereby achieve the relief of
your discomfort. You have 3-5 Ayurveda Traetments a day. In addition, every das you get exceptionally tasty and varied dishes from Ayurvedic
cuisine. Accompanying this, there is yoga and meditation on the physical and mental strengthening.

Various diseases e.g. can be treated:



Autoimmune diseases

Fertility problems

women's Health

climacteric complaints


Men's issues

Headache and migraine

Back and joint pain

spinal problems

Respiratory diseases

skin problems

Neurological problems

Paralysis and nerve irritation

Hyper- & hypothyroidism

Diseases of the urinary tract and urogenital tract

Depression, burnout

eye diseases

Concomitant therapy for cancer

Metabolic problems, such as elevated cholesterol, fat levels ...




The booking of the spa stay at the Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort is made through direct contact with us.

Important general information:

  • Please first be aware that your Ayurveda treatment is a curative treatment and you are in a cure stay with it. You have the opportunity to healthy and develop on a physical and mental level. If you wish, take the time to support and promote this development.
  • It may be important for you to occupy a single room to minimize the distraction of other people and external things and to avoid dependencies. So you can use the chance to discover yourself.

Important notes on treatment

The descriptions of the spa always place a lot of emphasis on treatment times and treatments per day. This sometimes leads to misunderstandings. 
  • In our spa descriptions you will find: three to five treatments a day, as approximately 90-120 minutes per day for Pancha Karma cures.
  • As every guest comes to us with different symptoms and different serious illnesses, the Ayurveda doctor can assess on the spot what, when, how and in what sequence to do in therapy. For this reason, a treatment may be shorter, because the guest needs the power to cleanse and rest, or be very long, because just all the toxins must be massaged and sweat.
  • The treatment plan is therefore written individually for the guest. So it may happen that one guest for example gets a Shirodara on the fifth day of treatment, another on the tenth or not, at all because the physical condition does not allow it.
  • However, the guest should get an overview of the treatments in advance.
  • For this reason, we have made a numerical determination.
  • The travel providers demand these stipulations for competition purposes and everyone wants to do everything and as long as possible and forgets that it is about their own health and the associated individual strength and power.
  • Depending on the improvement of the condition, to support the healing process, the number of treatments and times will be changed and adjusted during the subsequent consultations by the chief physician.
  • Here's an example: a very haggard, stressed and fatigued guest arrives. He should get 120 minutes of treatment according to the prospects. But he would be completely overwhelmed in this state. The body is unable to process it. Only after improvement and strengthening of the general condition the full treatment time can be exhausted.
  • Please understand that our doctors consider the current state of the guests, so of you, in the treatment plan, in order to achieve the best cure for you. 
  • For more details, see The Ayurveda cure

The individual Ayurveda Healing Cure

  • Many people around the world are ill today. Among other things, they suffer particularly from non-transferable diseases, like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, Thyroid problems, Rheumatism, Nerve problems, etc.
  • If you already have one of the above-mentioned or another long-term illness, you are suffering from a chronic illness. When you suffer from a chronic illness, you are usually dependent on one or more drugs in everyday life. Without these medicines it is not possible to keep the body healthy.
  • Many people have the expectation that if you take an Ayurveda cure your chronic illness will be resolved. At the end of the treatment, you feel that your symptoms are lower, but your condition is the same overall. Of course you think that has to do with the hotel or the Ayurveda program. They will be doing an Ayurveda treatment again next year, but in another hotel with the same expectations and the hope that the symptoms will continue to improve. But that is not the case, at least for chronic diseases. We have already had many guests at the resort who have had such experiences. It is all the more important to understand what the pancha-karma cure can and cannot do.

What effect can I expect from a

In general, pancha karma means cleansing, nutrition, massage, meditation, yoga, relaxation, etc.

Pancha means? Five Karma means here? Treatment

Taken together: Five different treatments.

  1. Nasya - nose cleansing
  2. Vaman - Emesistherapie (medical vomiting) for the stomach
  3. Virechana - Medical cleansing
  4. Vasthi - Colon cleansing
  5. Raktha Moksha - blood purification by leeches (not practiced)

Thus, Westerners are informed about the Ayurvedic teachings, including massages, special treatmentssuch as Shirodhara, combined with yoga and meditation. In addition, a nice room and nutrition according to the Ayurvedic principles.

What are these five treatments for?

Traditionally, these treatments are not necessarily all, but individually depending on the symptoms. If for example, the nasal cavity is blocked and the person has headaches and sleep disturbances, a nasal cleansing is done so that the mucus can be expelled from the nose through the mouth.

All five treatments are done to solve the current disease symptoms and to reduce the likelihood that a disease will become chronic. In other words, the Pancha-Karma cure is designed to dissolve the current illness while providing a good basis for future health to continue living in balance.

What effect can I expect from a 

However, if you already have one or more chronic illnesses, the classic Pancha-Karma cure is usually not enough. Here we recommend the individual therapy. For example, in asthma or high blood pressure, both diseases that are mostly chronic, you cannot expect them to dissolve in a few days. First, you need to know the causes of the disease and the exact diagnosis. This can be found by our highly specialized Ayurvedic doctor through his many years of experience. 

Our doctor decides what, how and how long you will be treated. This therapy or treatment may go beyond the time of your stay in Sri Lanka. This can reduce the chronic nature of your disease.

Such additional treatment will only take place in coordination with your wishes and goals. You have the choice. For this reason, our individual therapy can be booked only after thorough examination and first consultation with the doctor on site.

The procedure is as follows:

  • During the initial consultation before the start of therapy, your symptoms or health problems will be discussed, your doshas will be determinated and the possible treatment options will be explained. If you have already booked a Pancha Karma cure, you have the option to expand to theindividual treatment or to get all the treatments described under "treatment benefits".
  • If you choose the individual therapy, the herbal medicine medicines are put together by the doctor, individually to the appropriate symptoms and then manufactured by him personally. So you do not get any ready-made ayurvedic pharmacy medicines here.
  • The doctor uses herbs to assemble and process his own traditional formulas to meet the specific needs of each patient. Patients should be aware that these Herbal-recipes are by no means comparable to pills, syrups and other medicines in modern medicine. These herbal medicines are made with ancient, traditional knowledge that has been preserved to this day. We treat every single herb and treatment method with respect. This includes for us to honor the drugs used before starting any treatment.
  • We guarantee that our own individual herbs and the medicine produced from them are of 100% natural origin, and that they contain no ingredients such as lead, mercury and arsenic.        
  • From our doctor you will receive a certificate for the herbs and an invoice. If you wish, you can submit the bill together with the spa costs to your private health insurance. You may be refunded part of the cost!

Can I book an individual therapy before my arrival?

If you already have one or more chronic illnesses, we recommend that you contact us before booking a Pancha-Karma cure. In advance, you can make an appointment with our head physician personally via Skype, WhatsApp or telephone to discuss your topic. In this way, you get hints, which are recommended for you. However, this preliminary discussion cannot replace a meeting, examination or diagnostics on site.

We determine the prices for an individual cure

according to your cure wishes. Contact us!

When should you do an individual therapy?

If you …

... have repeatedly made a classic Ayurveda cure or another cure, or therapy without lasting success, therefore Your "problem"
   has not been resolved….

... Have one or more diseases, for which there is no support in your home country,

... your doctor has said that your illness is not curable.