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Part of the garden is separated for meditation and silence. Here is a special tree called "Bodhi tree" "Ficus religiosa". For Buddhists, this is a sacred tree, because under the first Home tree Siddharta Gautema was enlightened about 2,600 years ago and became the "Buddha". Maybe here in this place, under this tree, you too can feel the energy and clarity that you can get there. In any case, here you can let go of all worries and problems and use the tree for meditation or rituals.

The special and unique with us!

At Amandro Resort we offer you free but priceless spiritual support in addition to your classic Ayurveda cure. This gives you the opportunity to discover the root or cause of your illness in a different way.


Lahiru Haduwa” owner and founder of the “Amandro Resort” shows you the way. With the help of the teaching of the "Buddha" he also found his way out of a life crisis and is now looking forward to sharing the experiences and possibilities with you.


There are diseases that can be medically supported but still cannot be cured at their roots.

"Buddha" explains:

Everyone comes into the world and picks up their own fruits and nuts, which they have planted as seeds through their behavior in previous lives until today. This can be called "karma". This energy (karma) follows you like a shadow on all your ways.


Furthermore, "Buddha" explains that many diseases that affect the human body and mind have arisen from karma. The discovery of the true cause gives the possibility to dissolve the karma.


At the time when "Buddha" was alive in the world, one experienced the latter exactly to the point, worked on it and was able to solve it. This is not possible today in this form.


But we are fortunate that the golden discourses still exist and are alive today. They are passed on to people through the Buddha's disciples. This spiritual support is very highly valued by Buddhists and is gladly accepted in difficult phases of life or in the event of illness.


Perhaps right now you are in a state of struggle to cope with yourself, feeling depressed, or very exhausted. Are you sad, afraid, have doubts and see no way to get out of this state? Don't you know why this is happening? What are the reasons for this? Would you like a (LOS) solution?


Life crises can make us sick, depressed or crazy. But, if you discover the real cause, then you have a way of getting out of this pattern. We will find the causes with you and show you ways and possibilities how you can work on and change them.


Are you interested and open to this new path? Then let us know when you make your booking request or before your first doctor's consultation.


We look forward to you!

Our Spiritual Patron and meditation leader:

Chandawimala Thero

Buddhist Monk

Chandawimala Thero,

Buddhist monk

Born: 08/05/1976

Ordained: 17/05/1985 in Berwuala

Temple: Gangarama - OldTemple,

Moragalla, Beruwala

The way to satisfaction

What does one need spirituality for?

To be happy and satisfied. Spirituality improves the understanding of life issues and their relationships. The handling of life topics is changing. This creates more mindfulness and concentration.



Why spiritual path important?

We can be very happy that we were born into this world as humans. It is the most highly evolved being in this universe. As a human, we have more power of thought than other living beings, so we are more apt to use this process for our spiritual development. 

To follow a spiritual path you have to have a reason for it, for example the desire for happiness and contentment. Because people have different desires, different, individually fitting spiritual paths are also possible for each person, which are taught by religious or philosophical masters and teachers.

Meditation, special rituals or ceremonies:

what you can experience with us?

Every full moon day, every month, an oil candle ceremony takes place under the "Bodhi tree". It is to be understood as a thank-you ritual for allowing us to makea wild mangrove place a place for people to recover physically and mentally, and where interested people learn more about the Buddha's teachings and how to live in this Philosophy. We are also grateful Thanks for the Bodhi Tree, which gives us the power to discover and experience wisdom. This full moon ritual is usually conducted by Chandawimala Thero, our Spiritualpatron. You have the opportunity to attend this ceremony.


You will also have the opportunity to take part in Buddhist meditations, such as metta meditation, which Chandawimala Thero leads in Pali, English and German.


Anyone who is interested can take part.

We are also very grateful for the Buddhist monks who have brought us the wonderful teachings of Buddha and are still teaching them to us. That is why we support Buddhist monks and nuns who live in temples or ashrams. They live exclusively on donations, because they are traditionally without property. Since we support them in the form of donations or alms, they are also very grateful to us. They wish us all the best to reach the aim of dissolving suffering.

Also, you can give a donation or an alms for the Buddhist monks. This can for example, in form of rice and curry dishes for monks happen or you donate in the temple something for the monks. We are happy to advise you and organize your project.

If you want to learn more about Buddhism and get good deeds for your future, you might want an oil candle ceremony. You can do this for a special occasion such as a birthday, bereavement, or just like that. We organize everything you need and prepare it for you.

What do you need to attend meditations, temple visits or rituals?

They need interest, openness and joy. Everything else will come together. Please keep in mind that you should cover your shoulders and knees if you want to participate. It is especially traditional to wear white clothing if you have one.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


The booking of stay at the Amandro Resort is made through direct contact with us.

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