You ask - We answer

How is the weather in Sri Lanka?

In Beruwala, Sri Lanka it is always between 25 and 32 degrees warm. Between May and September, it rains 2-3 times a day, short and strong. Between October and April, the rain falls more in the northeast. Due to the warm air, everything dries up quickly. In the highlands, the temperature can be significantly more moderate, so much cooler.


Is the resort handicapped accessible?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer handicapped accessible rooms and paths.


Can I book my stay without a cure?

Basically not, our resort is reserved exclusively for guests who want to take an Ayurveda cure. However, it is possible to take a companion without a cure. This companion should take care of your cure, in order to give you the necessary freedom.


How is the airport transfer regulated?

The transfer costs (airport - Amandro-Resort, Amandro-Resort - airport), if not included in the service catalog, are 60, - Euro each way. The journey takes about 90 minutes via the motorway. Once you have given us your flight information we will organize the transfer.


Can food allergies be discussed?

Of course, let us know right at the beginning of the booking and we'll be ready.


Can I book / select the individual applications before starting the treatment?

No, the required applications can only be determined by our Chief Doctor, depending on the result of the examination. After all, the applications should also bring you healing.


Are the excursions booked on the Resort?

Yes, if your course of study is established and you know when time is for excursions, these can be organized. Please understand, if this is not necessarily the next day.


Are special vaccinations necessary for Sri Lanka?

Special vaccinations are not necessary for Sri Lanka.


As a single traveling woman, can I move carefree on Sri Lanka's streets in the evening?

We recommend going for a walk in a small group, especially since you usually do not know anything about it.


Can I also eat or choose other foods than those recommended by the doctor for my treatment?

We advise not to disturb the success of the cure, to adhere to the recommendations of our doctor. Our chef at the kitchen will get detailed instructions on what you should eat. Talk to us if you would like to eat other things.