Ayubowan – May you have a long life!

Welcome to the Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort in Sri Lanka.

There is a special reason why you found us! We, Lahiru and Birgit, stand for the health and the health of people from all over the world with all our knowledge and skills of Ayurvedic medicine.  We are supported by our certified, experienced doctors and a select team of therapists. The Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort (German and English speaking) offers you a place to rest, recharge your batteries, balance your imbalance and teach you how to maintain your health and wellbeing. Purpose of the stay with us is the Ayurveda Cure adjusted to your health problems. What treatments will help you, will be determined by the doctor after your arrival. During the cure, regular discussions and reviews take place to control the success of the therapy.

Detailed information can be found under the heading "Ayurveda". In addition to the cure there is time for long walks on the beach, market visits or trips to temples or other attractions, which we organize for you.

More detailed information can be found under Die Ayurveda Kur.

Our Aim

The aim of the resort is, to help people suffering from non-communicable diseases with Ayurveda therapy to promote their personal healing process. In summary, this means restoring health to the body and mind, as well as accompanying mental or karmic (Karma) illnesses such as: Depression, burnout, cancer, etc.

Our task 

Accompanying people through phases of illness on the mental, physical and / or mental level. Through Ayurveda and the teachings of the Buddha, we help people reflect on their way of life. In this way we open the view to possibilities, ways and potentials, which serve for the restoration of the health. Prerequisite for this is your openness and curiosity. Our team will always support you with its methods and instructions.

The special – unique

The Ayurveda Health Resort "AMANDRO" is not only for exclusively medical Ayurvedic teaching and physical regeneration, as you know it from otherAyurveda hotels and offers. In the "AMANDRO" you have the opportunity with the help of Buddhist philosophy for your inner issues such for example, grief, pain and suffering to find good solutions. This get possible through meditations and converstation lead by our Buddhist monk Chandawimala Thero or by Lahiru, the director of the house who lives in Buddhist philosophy.


The booking of the spa stay at the Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort is made through direct contact with us.

Prices and details

Prices and details can be found on the page The details.

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