Ayubowan – May you have a long life!



In order to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus worldwide, there are currently warnings against tourist trips to Sri Lanka, but there is no longer an entry ban. The airport is currently open to a limited extent, but should be available again for the entry of tourists from January 26th, 2021.


We hope that this will remain the case and that traveling will soon be possible again.














Are you ready for a vacation?


Are you looking for a place where it is heavenly warm and green, with extensive palm beaches and a diverse wildlife?


Are you interested in foreign cultures and special culinary experiences?




Do you need an ambience that can offer you peace, relaxation and recreation?


Would you like to recharge your batteries, rejuvenate, detoxify or reduce weight?


Or do you want to develop spiritually with yoga and meditation?




Then you are exactly right with us!




At Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort in Sri Lanka we can fulfill these wishes!


We offer you a place where you can bring your health imbalance back into balance. This is made possible by an effective




Ayurveda cure that is tailored to your personal health problems. In addition, we provide you with the knowledge of how you can maintain your health and well-being permanently. If you don't want a classic cure, you can enrich your vacation with individual relaxing Ayurveda massages or book a wellness package.




The Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort is located on the mangrove-rich Bentota River, about 2 kilometers from the Indian Ocean. Our original Sri Lanka taxi (tuk-tuk) is available for beach visits at any time. We would be happy to organize individual trips to the surrounding area for you, visit well-known sights with you, or plan multi-day tours. We are happy to accommodate your personal wishes and ideas!




If you still have any questions, please feel free to use our personal advisory service. We speak German and English very well.




We look forward to welcoming you personally to our dream resort soon!









More detailed information can be found under Die Ayurveda Kur.

Our Aim

The aim of the resort is, to help people suffering from non-communicable diseases with Ayurveda therapy to promote their personal healing process. In summary, this means restoring health to the body and mind, as well as accompanying mental or karmic (Karma) illnesses such as: Depression, burnout, cancer, etc.

Our task 

Accompanying people through phases of illness on the mental, physical and / or mental level. Through Ayurveda and the teachings of the Buddha, we help people reflect on their way of life. In this way we open the view to possibilities, ways and potentials, which serve for the restoration of the health. Prerequisite for this is your openness and curiosity. Our team will always support you with its methods and instructions.

The special – unique


 Why choose an Ayurveda cure at the Amandro Resort?


Good communication between doctor and guest is essential for the success of an Ayurveda cure. Our doctor speaks German and Englich very well and accompanies you with great empathy through the cure with the various therapies and explains the nutritional recommendations. In this way, we ensure that your needs are taken into account and that the best possible success is guaranteed through the understanding of the medical consultations and therapeutic support.



Dr. Madusha, Ayurveda doctor at the Amandro Resort:


"She is like the sun for the vacation!" (Quote from a guest)


Dr. Madusha is familiar with the conditions of the culture through several trips to Germany and speaks German very well. She supports you in all areas during the course of treatment. This means that the doctor's talks can be conducted in German or in English. She is at your side with all her knowledge and experience for the duration of your stay.







The booking of the spa stay at the Amandro Ayurveda Health Resort is made through direct contact with us.

Prices and details

Prices and details can be found on the page The details.

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